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For some computer problems, the solution is usually trivial. But for the rest, you need Optimize MS Windows.

OptimizeMSWindows.com, owned by: Developer Tribe, is a Windows Solution Center that specializes in troubleshooting expanded computer problems, ranging from being as simple as changing your desktop screen, to something as complex as diagnosing fatal PC errors. Driven by the belief of fixing Windows for the better, we provide numerous step-by-step guides and various optimizing tricks to enhance computing experience like none other.

If you want to combat any PC issue, or simply stay in touch with latest happenings in the exuberant Microsoft world, contact us. We guarantee you a much-improved Windows journey.


While we promise to give our best in troubleshooting your PC issues, we cannot guarantee 100% results. It should be acknowledged that our guidelines are for generic computer problems, which may or may not fit your specific case, resulting in varying outcomes. Furthermore, in case of any mishaps along the way, Optimize MS Windows shall not be held responsible. You should take full credibility for whatever alterations you make on your system.