Fix Computer Turns Off After Starting – Windows 8 (8.1)

To see your computer shutdown immediately after it starts is never a nice beginning. Not only is this experience frustrating, it is also one of the trickier problems to resolve since the causes can be traced to both hardware and software faults. Fortunately, there is Continue Reading →

How to Reduce CPU Usage and Processing Time

Central Processing Unit, otherwise known as CPU or processor, is the actual brain of the computer where most calculations take place. Retained in a single chip called microprocessor, this intelligent PC component is responsible for loading all processes and ensuring a smooth overall performance. Most Continue Reading →

Second Hard Drive Not Found In Windows 8 (8.1)

It is not often that your computer plays the hide-and-seek game with your all-important HDD. But when it does, things can get extremely annoying. Similar scenario is observed by Windows 8 users who claim to ‘lose’ their secondary drive after performing the upgrade, and report Continue Reading →

Is the Virus Really A False Positive?

It is already hard enough to distinguish a legitimate download from a fake; things become increasingly difficult when your trusted antivirus starts generating a false positive. This is a scenario in which the security software first complains that the file is a virus, but then Continue Reading →

Fix Windows 8 (8.1) File Explorer Has Stopped Working

Judging from the number of complaints lodged in Microsoft forums and other support mediums sited across the internet, the error “Windows Explorer has stopped working” is dominating the playing field. Windows Explorer is one of the crucial programs of OS responsible for managing computer files Continue Reading →


Downloading torrents using uTorrent is the most important form of internet procedure today. In fact, one will have to a complete Internet rookie to remain aloof of this highly popular approach of sharing music, movies, books, software, and pretty much everything else residing on the Continue Reading →

How to Remove Browser Hijacker Tool

Witnessing your once-owned browser getting hijacked by is sure to bring a tear or two into your eyes. Well, why wouldn’t it. After all, your favored homepage has changed to zensearch(dot)com, your DNS values have been flushed, your computer resources have choked out, your Continue Reading →