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Is the Virus Really A False Positive?

It is already hard enough to distinguish a legitimate download from a fake; things become increasingly difficult when your trusted antivirus starts generating a false positive. This is a scenario in which the security software first complains that the file is a virus, but then Continue Reading →

How to Remove Browser Hijacker Tool

Witnessing your once-owned browser getting hijacked by is sure to bring a tear or two into your eyes. Well, why wouldn’t it. After all, your favored homepage has changed to zensearch(dot)com, your DNS values have been flushed, your computer resources have choked out, your Continue Reading →

How to Remove Smart Web Search Page From Your Browser

While technically not falls among the types of computer viruses, Smart Web Search imitates all traits and activities pulled off by a malicious software. Bundling itself with countless freeware downloaded from the internet, this Browser Hijacker works by seizing your webpage and making several unsolicited Continue Reading →

How to Identify If An Antivirus is Fake

With computer experts constantly advising PC users to keep their machines clean and totally virus-free, the demand for antivirus programs has increased significantly. More and more users are installing these security programs into their systems and trying to keep their PC’s as safe as possible Continue Reading →

How to Manually Remove Recycler/Autorun Virus

A Recycler folder virus, also named as Autorun virus, is among the known types of computer viruses and is getting common day by day. It has the property to reproduce and distribute itself into the active drives including the external devices. The root directory of Continue Reading →

Different Types of Computer Viruses and Ways to Remove Them

Virus in context of computers and technology is an undesirable element that encroaches into a system infecting its files, applications, and components. These tiny beings are not self-evolved but developed by humans. Their aim is not limited to harm a computer system but also to Continue Reading →

How to Eliminate Web Scripting Virus

Script is a programming code written in the core of an application, controlling the behavior and functions of that application. Precisely, these codes are the information that instructs a program on how to perform. At instances, virus attacks an application by accessing its script and Continue Reading →