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Is the Virus Really A False Positive?

It is already hard enough to distinguish a legitimate download from a fake; things become increasingly difficult when your trusted antivirus starts generating a false positive. This is a scenario in which the security software first complains that the file is a virus, but then Continue Reading →

Top Rated Graphics Cards for Gaming PCs

While you may continue optimizing your OS for a brighter gaming performance, no tweak is special enough to replace the efficacy of purchasing a high-end graphics card. If you’re looking for a fluent gaming experience bursting with exuberant displays, one think is clear; you will Continue Reading →

Graphics Card Benchmarking – WHAT, WHY, and HOW!

It’s easy to be carried away with the high-end numbers and far-stretched capabilities spilled out by manufacturers to bolster their superiority over others. Nevertheless, we all know better. These promises are often no more than a broad guideline at best, and useless exaggerations at worst. Continue Reading →

Why SPAM Continues to Threaten Internet Users?

While Bill Gates did manage to lift users’ hopes by citing “two years from now, spam will be solved”, he failed to eliminate their concerns by still searching for the perfect solution even 10 years after the quote. In fact, according to a report by Continue Reading →

Why Rebooting Often Helps Resolve So Many PC Problems?

Admittedly, it can get frustrating when you are asked to try a simple reboot to resolve your critical PC errors. Obviously, you would expect something much more intense from an IT expert. However, it should be understood that most times, executing this trivial step could Continue Reading →

Top Gaming Laptops That Will Blow You Away

When it comes to gaming, the first image that pops up in an average consumer’s mind is that of a console. After all, who is not fascinated by the exciting controllers and the impeccable graphics display produced by this modern platform. However, things become a Continue Reading →

How to Use Google Like a Pro

Whether you have just recently familiarized yourself to the internet, or have been utilizing its services for over 10 years, one thing you will instantly need to befriend is Google. Primarily, Google is a web search engine that allows users to find websites on the Continue Reading →