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How to Remove Search from Browser

Hidden underneath freeware running wild on the internet, is a browser hijacker that is troubling millions across the world. This PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) feeds on the careless downloads frequently observed by computer users, manipulating internet settings to generate annoying results, including changing homepage Continue Reading →

Fix Apps Not Connecting To Internet – Windows 8 (8.1)

“Your PC isn’t connected to the Internet. To use the Store, connect to the internet and try again”. We’ve all heard of network problems when launching the internet and cruising through various websites, but encountering the error using Metro Apps is something entirely new. Nonetheless, Continue Reading →

Why SPAM Continues to Threaten Internet Users?

While Bill Gates did manage to lift users’ hopes by citing “two years from now, spam will be solved”, he failed to eliminate their concerns by still searching for the perfect solution even 10 years after the quote. In fact, according to a report by Continue Reading →