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How to Take Out Memory Resident Virus

As the name shows, a Memory Resident Virus is a type of infection that enters and resides in your system’s memory. As soon as it reaches there, your antivirus application is then unable to influence it. The virus loads on system startup handicaps the security Continue Reading →

How to Remove Polymorphic Virus Easily

Polymorphic is a subtype of File Infector Virus, infecting files and folders. It has the potential to contaminate your data by writing certain malicious codes. Just like its descriptive name, it holds a continuously changing behavior. Each time a file infected with polymorphic virus is Continue Reading →

How do I Manually Remove Macro Virus from PC?

Macro virus is a mini program that embeds itself to the applications of common use, particularly Microsoft Office products. When a file infected with this type is executed, the virus searches for other similar files and infects them too. It is to be noted that Continue Reading →

How to Get Rid of Multipartite Virus

Multipartite Virus is a set of hybrid malicious codes, derived from File Infector virus and Boot Sector virus. It has the property of residing in executable files (that of File Infector), as well as Computer’s Startup system (that of Boot Sector). Like we stated, it Continue Reading →

How to Remove File Infector Virus

The concept of modern computing is not limited to just data processing, but connecting to the world through a worldwide network (Internet). However, it involves certain level of risk. While roaming around through the webpages, you can stumble across the infections that transfer to your Continue Reading →

How to Fix Browser Hijacker Virus

Browser hijacker is a malicious element that tends to take over your browser. This kind of virus is used to enslave your browsing activities for fraudulent purposes. Generally, such virus is developed and dispersed for revenue generation, as the virus force to visit specific webpages. Continue Reading →

How to Fix Boot Sector Virus

Our hard drives are divided into small sections of memory called sectors. Boot sector is the first sector containing Master Boot Records (MBR), which is responsible to boot up the operating system from system files. MBR is considered as sensitive information, and if corrupted, it Continue Reading →