How to Remove Smart Web Search Page From Your Browser

While technically not falls among the types of computer viruses, Smart Web Search imitates all traits and activities pulled off by a malicious software. Bundling itself with countless freeware downloaded from the internet, this Browser Hijacker works by seizing your webpage and making several unsolicited changes to the system settings, example changing browser homepage, altering DNS values, resetting IP values, redirecting to commercial or potentially harmful websites, and causing numerous other calamities including slow navigation speeds, infected registry entries, etc.

Prior to proceeding this piece for the solution, let be advised to first Scan and Fix your system’s concealed disorders which most probably is eliciting the inconsistencies:

If you, one day awake your browser to instead of your set home address, note that you have been attacked by this Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). However, don’t sweat. Tackling this menace is not as daunting as one would think. Follow this simple guide and cruise your way to a successful battle.

Remove It From The Programs List

Firstly, remove the program using Control Panel’s uninstallation feature, demonstrated here:

  • Open Run box by pressing Windows + R keys
  • Type Control Panel and press Enter
  • Click Uninstall a program listed under Programs
  • Right-click Smart Web Search or similar programs related to this uninvited software
  • Choose Uninstall

Remove Components From the Registry

Sometimes, uninstalling the program does not remove hidden values residing in the Registry. To fully obliterate this PUP from the system, you need to ensure no residue is placed in any of the Registry entries. This is done like this:

  • Open Run box (Windows + R keys)
  • Type regedit and hit Enter
  • Open Edit menu from the top
  • Click Find
  • In the Find what text field, type smart web search and click Find Next
  • The key matching the searched string will be highlighted
  • Double-click the key and change to
  • Use F3 key to find next matched entry, and replace all values with
  • Restart computer to apply changes
  • Open browser to verify the modification

Remove It From your Browser

Next, you need to switch the default homepage of your browser to a more sane address.

Following is a step-by-step procedure for Internet Explorer and Google Chrome:

IE 11

  • Launch Internet Explorer 11
  • Click the “gears” icon displayed at the top right
  • Choose Internet options
  • Under Home page, enter your favored default homepage address
  • Click OK

Google Chrome

  • Launch Google Chrome
  • Click the three horizontal bars located at the top right
  • Choose Settings
  • Navigate to Appearance
  • Check Show Home Button
  • Click the Change link under the enabled Show Home Button
  • Enable Open this page and set your homepage address  

Remove Extensions

Smartweb search adds unwanted extensions into the browser, slowing down the surfer’s speed and affecting its efficiency miserably. To remove such elements from the extensions menu, here are the steps:

IE 11

  • Open Internet Options box
  • Under Programs tab, click Manage add-ons button
  • Search for any PUP-related identities and highlight them
  • Click Disable

Google Chrome

  • Reach Settings as formerly described
  • Select Extensions from the left pane
  • Deselect Enable option alongside any suspicious element

Note: The process for Mozilla FireFox and other browser users is similar. However to reach the specific section, steps may be different. Please do as accordingly to respective browser settings.

If uninstalling the program or tampering with the browser settings did not produce effective results, revert your browser to the default settings. This will obliterate all potentially useless extensions, toolbars, and ad-ons and provide you with a cleaner one.

IE 11

  • From the Internet Options dialog box, navigate to Advanced tab
  • Click Reset button under Reset Internet Explorer settings
  • Check Delete personal settings
  • Click Reset button

Google Chrome

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down to expand Show advanced settings
  • Click Reset browser settings button located at the bottom

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