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Windows 8 Shortcuts to Bypass the Elongated Routes

Windows 8, according to some perspectives, is considered to be challenging in use. Many functions have been relocated and many new features are not visible and recognized. A new user logged into Windows 8 is similar to child caught in a maze. To avoid such Continue Reading →

Fixing Error Codes 0x800F0906 & 0x800F081F while Enabling .NET Framework 3.5

A user of Windows 8(8.1) operating system occasionally comes across to the above noted error codes. These¬†errors¬†occur when Windows is unable to download the required files from Windows Update Server. A detailed clarification of .NET FRAMEWORK is indicated below to understand the overall phenomenon of Continue Reading →

Assessment of Safety in Windows 8 Action Center

That is not funny that you do not bother about security of your PC and let it do whatever. PC security at time overwhelms your mind and you feel like giving up but Windows 8 understand. It helps you to control your PC security in Continue Reading →