Assessment of Safety in Windows 8 Action Center

That is not funny that you do not bother about security of your PC and let it do whatever. PC security at time overwhelms your mind and you feel like giving up but Windows 8 understand. It helps you to control your PC security in a simplified manner.

Prior to proceeding this piece for the solution, let be advised to first Scan and Fix your system’s concealed disorders which most probably is eliciting the inconsistencies:

In previous version of windows, users do not have much control on PC to asses anything but now the time come to assess your PC safety. Windows enables users to assess it through action center.

Give some time to assess safety in Window’s action center. Apart from control panel, it allows you to notice problems in action center and give you a handy solution. Taskbar button shows Action Centre’s status.

How to – action center Windows’s color codes enable you to see severity of the issue. It ranges from green, yellow followed by red. Red shows that problem needs an immediate solution; whereas yellow means that problem needs attention soon. For example, if network firewall is important then it shows a red sign. A software error may be show with a yellow sign.

If big cannon in any computer does not loaded or pointing in right direction. The action center starts displaying red sign.

When you found red button on taskbar then follow these steps:

Step #01

  1. Click on task bar red button and choose ‘Open Action Centre from the pop-up menu’
  2. The action center will show status of your computer in both action center and maintenance. If it does not list anything in either security or maintenance category, something went wrong.

Step #02

  1. Click on button Next to flagged items and fix any security problem
  2. Whenever you notice that one of the windows 8 defenses is turned off in Action Centre. Click on button next. Click on the button ‘Turn on’. It will either fix the problem automatically or head you to a one-click switch.

By following, these tiny steps your computer will be in safe hands. Moreover, there are several other ways that you can employ to protect PC against potential damages.

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