How to Play SimCity (2013) Offline

The mandate for strategic games has been lifting up every single day. Among these strategic games, SimCity is renowned for its tactical gameplay in city management. Electronic Arts (EA Games) has brought the latest episode of this game after an interval of six long years. Although, it has been almost six months since the game has released, many gamers are still waiting for an ecstatic experience.

Prior to proceeding this piece for the solution, let be advised to first Scan and Fix your system’s concealed disorders which most probably is eliciting the inconsistencies:

Similar to most of the contemporary games, SimCity also requires a connection to network in order to install and play the game. Due to the lack of servers and a high number of new users, most of the gamers are unable to link up with their game server and have a play. EA Games has now admitted the fact and has assured to address it ASAP. However, it would take a course of time, so just sit back on your couch, and wait for good news.

If you anxious enough and cannot wait for an experience to administer a metro city, let me show you a nice simple tweak to play this one offline. Although, you would not be able to save your game on cloud storage or play multiplayer with your distant buddies, yet it is better than just staring a DVD with SimCity poster on it.

Execute the steps, as directed in the subsequent part of this content.

  • Create a folder called Program in any of your drives. Within this folder, create another folder and name it as SimCity. Extract all the game files into this folder.
  • Right click SimCity folder to access its Properties. Make this folder as Read-only and apply this to subfolders.
  • Go to the Extra folder within the SimCity folder and open file named, Electronic Arts, Inc CA.crt, and click Install Certificate. Choose Place all certificates in the following store and Browse the path to be Trusted Root Certification Authorities. Click OK, Next and then Finish
  • Copy Hosts file from Extra folder and replace the one in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ with this file.
  • Go to the SimCity folder locate Start.exe and make a desktop shortcut for it. On executing it from desktop, click Start Server and receive the message Everything sounds good!
  • Click Allow if your firewall asks to permit internet access. If it says Private server cannot be started, go back to the Properties of SimCity folder and uncheck the Read-only option.
  • Remove your old Origin and install a new one from the Extra folder. Uncheck all the options to complete installation. In the meanwhile, make sure that Start.exe is running in the background. When installed, run the new Origin; enter Username, and Password to login.
  • Go to My Games, click on SimCity, and then click Install. During the Download screen, it may stuck for a while, but do not worry, it will eventually resume.
  • When it finishes, click Play and enjoy. If it does not run, click Activate from the server and then click Play. If it says Could not login to game server, just click Retry and it will work.

It is to be noted that the patch of this new game is still to come. Once the patch is released, or the issues of server are solved, you would be able to play and save it online.

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