Enhance Your Audio/Video Music Experience in Windows 8.1

While so much has been talked and written about on how to improve visual effects in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, little has been put into the idea of improving the operating systems’ audio output. This article is dedicated to mentioning some key tips that can certainly boost your Windows 8.1 system’s audio performance, and give you the music feel you have always wished for.

Prior to proceeding this piece for the solution, let be advised to first Scan and Fix your system’s concealed disorders which most probably is eliciting the inconsistencies:

Set up your speakers for the best sound

For proper testing and setting up of your speakers, it is important you do the following:

  1. Open the Search charms bar (Alt + f) and type Control Panel. Click the Control Panel icon to launch the Control Panel console.
  2. Navigate to Hardware and Sound, and then click Sound to launch the Sound box
  3. On the Playback tab, select Speakers and then click Configure
  4. Test the sound of your speakers by clicking on Test and make sure that sound is being heard from both speakers
  5. Click Next and follow the instructions given by Speaker Setup wizard to correctly configure your speakers

Once this basic step is done and your speakers are properly set, you can move on to the following steps.

Boost your system’s volume

If you are having trouble hearing Windows sounds even when your system volume is given the full throttle, it would be helpful to boost the volume using Windows in-built sound program. To do this, follow the simple steps described below:

  1. Open the Sound box as demonstrated above
  2. Right-click Speakers and then choose Properties
  3. View the Enhancements tab and enable Loudness Equalization
  4. Click Apply to apply the changes and then OK to close the dialog box

That’s it! You have managed to boost your Windows sound and enabled your system to adjust the volume automatically.

 Install the Latest Audio Drivers

It goes without saying; for your speakers to produce the best sound, they need to get the most updated audio drivers. Without the correct drivers, you might miss out on one of the more useful sound tools, such as “Stereo Mix”, and not enjoy the music experience that you expected.

Make Windows Media Player your default music app

By default, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 play music and other media files though the built-in Music App. However, in order to extract the best sound, ditch this Music app and make the good old Windows Media Player your default program for handling media files.  In order to do so, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Control Panel and navigate to Programs
  2. Next, click Default Programs and then on Set your default programs
  3. Locate and search Windows Media Player from the left pane and select it. Choose Set this program as default from the right pane and click OK
  4. Close the dialog box

Follow the helpful tips mentioned in this article, and get the maximum out of your Windows 8.1 audio capabilities.

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