How to Deal and Remove Google Redirect Virus (GRV)

Although, it proves not being much of a threat to system security, Google Redirect Virus (GRV) is still an irritating infection. This virus digs deep in to your system, and start affecting your internet browsers. Usually, when you have not incorporated a good security solution to your system and you access a website that is malicious in nature, it is easy for your computer to grasp a Google Redirect Virus.

Prior to proceeding this piece for the solution, let be advised to first Scan and Fix your system’s concealed disorders which most probably is eliciting the inconsistencies:

As it can be inferred from the name, Google Redirect Virus redirects you while clicking on Google search result link, to an irrelevant websites. These websites can be either commercial or malicious.

Described below is a systematic procedure to exterminate this threat from your computer.


Unsolicited plug-ins, extensions, add-ons, and toolbars usually cost such kind of automatic redirects. To begin treating with GRV, you first have to get rid of all such tools that you cannot trust. To carry out this step,

  • Go to Control Panel, and open the Programs category. Under the subcategory Programs and Features, click the words Uninstall a program.
  • On Uninstall or change a program screen, locate all the untrusted components one by one, right click them and choose to Uninstall.


Follow the process with a thorough examination of your PC. Scan your system with a very good anti-virus solution you have.

  • If you do not have a security solution mounted on you PC, you can download a prescribed, such as Kaspersky, one from the internet.
  • Once an antivirus is downloaded and installed, open it, and Scan all your drives with it. It may take a while, depending upon the size of your drives. If it detects any threats in your drives, remove them immediately.


At this phase of the operation, you are suggested to repair browser settings. It is easy to find free or paid repairing tools, major in this feature.

  • Search for a Browser Repair Tool and instantly download it. Anvi Soft Browser Repair Tool is one of the suggestions, as it is free one.
  • Once downloaded and installed, run it to reset the browser settings that were once changed by the mischievous GRV. This would help your browser to lose the property to redirect in that way.


Now, you are directed to edit your browser settings manually, to change the homepage and remove the older one. For different browsers, the methodology may differ.

  • Mozilla Firefox users can access the Options, listed in the Tools menu. On the general tab, locate and replace the homepage address with a new and desired one.
  • Internet Explorer users can open Internet Options from the Tools menu. Replace the URL with a new one, in the home page field.
  • Google Chrome users can click the Customize icon on top right corner, and choose Settings. Under On startup option, click Set pages and enter a preferred URL as new homepage.


After getting rid of the old homepage, it is recommended to discard the wayward search engines, stored in you browsers. Listed below are related tips to do so, for three different browsers.

  • In Mozilla Firefox, click the drop down arrow in the Search box, and choose Manage Search Engines. Remove the undesired from the list, and click OK.
  • In Internet Explorer, access Manage Add Ons within Tools menu. On the Search Providers tab, highlight the troubled Search engine and click the Remove button.
  • In Google Chrome, contact Settings through Customize icon in the top right corner. Under Manage search engines section, click the x button next to each malicious search engine.


Now it is needed to overhaul Windows hosts file. This file contains the names and IP addresses of the host servers. Be opined to review this file and edit it to remove unneeded text, if required. For this purpose,

  • Open the hosts file with Notepad. This file should be placed at the path C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc.
  • The info in this file should end with the text localhost. If you find any further content below this, just remove it.

Later to applying these settings, your system should be uninhibited from Google Redirect Virus. Support your system’s security with a fine Antivirus Software.

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