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Common Solutions to Fix Blue Screen of Death (BSODs) in Windows 7

The Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), commonly referred as a STOP error, is one of the bigger nightmares you can see with open eyes occurring on your Windows 7. It appears when the operating system encounters such a critical issue that it resolves to no Continue Reading →

How to Fix Rundll Error in Windows 7

If you are a frequent PC user and have been around Windows 7 (or any other version) for some time now, you are probably no stranger to the cynical Rundll error. While most errors occur when you actually “use” your PC, this error can meet Continue Reading →

How to Manage Dump Files in Windows 7

With the introduction of Windows 7, Microsoft accomplished a lot in recovering the crashing issues of its previous operating systems. Although the crashes were reduced to a very small extent, their existence however cannot be denied. In Windows 7, whenever an application crashes to the Continue Reading →

11 Best Tips to Increase Your Internet Speed

Technology has gotten to a state where internet lets you access gigabytes of data at a time. However, it depends on your internet connection, whether it makes a proficient use of this opportunity or not. Majority of the internet users report and criticize a slow Continue Reading →

Fix Boot Error 0xc0000225 in Windows 7

It is a terminal error appearing in Windows 7 and is often considered as incurable. A system encountering such message does not let the user boot into operating system in Normal mode. There could be multiple reasons for such error to incur and can be Continue Reading →

10 Windows 7 Services You May Disable to Maximize PC Speed

Literally, producing a greater outcome through existing scarce resources is called Optimization. This thought can legitimately be associated with the digital environment. Although, a computer system has limited resources in terms of system memory, these resources can be utilized with an optimistic approach to optimize Continue Reading →

How to Fix Corrupted or Tempered Task Image

Task Image is a constituent element of Task Scheduler, while the Task Scheduler is an important component of Windows operating system. It intends to perform various operations of a fixed schedule. These operations include Windows Updates, Windows Backup, Defragmentation, Disk Diagnosis, and other maintenance activities. Continue Reading →