Install USB Host Controller for Windows 8

One of the failing characteristics of Windows 8 is incompatibility with USB Host Control. Users of this operating system had to install it by their selves, and believe it or not, it is quite maddening and time consuming process. The problem hitherto remains even after the efficacious installation of USB Host Controller drivers. You cannot create the image of these settings while creating a restore point on Windows 8. That means, if your PC crashes into a state of failure and the only option is to recover your settings through a restore point, the USB Host Control drivers will still be missing. Expectedly, it is USB 3.0 host controller, which does not harmonize to the operating system and usually form conflicts.

Prior to proceeding this piece for the solution, let be advised to first Scan and Fix your system’s concealed disorders which most probably is eliciting the inconsistencies:

For those who are still in search of relevant driver software for their concerned USB host control, there are different ways for different brands of computers. As most of the PCs and laptops have got Intel motherboards in them, the solution procedures in this text are specific to this manufacturer.

  • Log on to the Intel web site
  • On this website, navigate to the webpage titled Intel ® Driver Update Utility
  • The tool embedded in this page helps you identify your hardware and find related driver applications
  • Click the button stating Check your system for updates
  • The utility will start scanning your PC for Intel supported devices
  • The existing driver versions will be matched with the updated ones, and if older, these drivers will automatically be found and downloaded on your computer.
  • Install the updated drivers and Restart your computer

Please note that the webpage may require you to have ActiveX/Java ™ browser component. If your browser does not already support that, download and install it. It is also notified that this issue occurs only in Windows 8 due to certain bugs. Microsoft has duly responded and resolved the bug reports in the newer version of Windows 8, Windows 8.1. If you are still hanging on to Windows 8 going through agonies, it is better to move a step upward and install the new major update from Microsoft. As for the users of Windows 8, this update is free to download and install from Windows Store. You can find a complete set of guidelines on how to get prepared for update and what point to start with. The new Windows 8.1 will surely not have issues like irresponsive USB host controllers.

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