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Top Free Spyware and Adware Removal Tools

Unfortunately, internet is not the safest place to be in the 21st century. Deceitful people using malicious software are roaming around free in the wild, looking for easy prey to satisfy their hunger with different types of viruses and tools. And poorly so, our innocence Continue Reading →

Fix Error “ms-windows-store:PurgeCaches” While Resetting App Cache – Windows 8.1

It is frequently recommended to reset your App Cache using wsreset.exe tool to maintain a clean environment, and possibly fix various Metro UI hindrances. However, what if the error generates in this troubleshooting procedure itself? Well, one thing’s for sure, you will have to upfront Continue Reading →

“Not Enough Memory” Error Message: Windows 8 Phone Emulator Not Starting in Windows 8.1

With the demand of App development rising to extreme levels, the need for Windows Phone Emulator is increasing rapidly. Windows Phone Emulator is a desktop program that duplicates a literal phone device, providing a virtualized environment in which to run, test, and debug Windows Apps Continue Reading →

How to Install .NET Framework 3.5 Offline in Windows 8 (8.1)

It is not common to revert to a previous software version after upgrading to Windows 8, but sometimes, it reaps more benefits than our expectations. In fact, in the case of .NET Framework, this procedure is often a necessity. .NET Framework is a Windows software Continue Reading →

How to Remove Smart Web Search Page From Your Browser

While technically not falls among the types of computer viruses, Smart Web Search imitates all traits and activities pulled off by a malicious software. Bundling itself with countless freeware downloaded from the internet, this Browser Hijacker works by seizing your webpage and making several unsolicited Continue Reading →

Fix Windows 8 (8.1) Explorer.exe Blank Message on Startup

Nobody wants to wake up to a horrifying scene or a daunting message. Then why should your computer be different? Among the more annoying errors now transforming as a serious concern to Windows 8 (8.1) users is the Explorer.EXE message. This problem pops up at Continue Reading →

Top Rated Graphics Cards for Gaming PCs

While you may continue optimizing your OS for a brighter gaming performance, no tweak is special enough to replace the efficacy of purchasing a high-end graphics card. If you’re looking for a fluent gaming experience bursting with exuberant displays, one think is clear; you will Continue Reading →