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Graphics Card Benchmarking – WHAT, WHY, and HOW!

It’s easy to be carried away with the high-end numbers and far-stretched capabilities spilled out by manufacturers to bolster their superiority over others. Nevertheless, we all know better. These promises are often no more than a broad guideline at best, and useless exaggerations at worst. Continue Reading →

Everything You Need To Know About Overclocking CPU

Admittedly, the concept of overclocking your system can be intimidating for a newcomer. Even though the idea is simple enough; stretch the machine to its extreme limit, the execution can be somewhat perplexing. But, don’t fret, at least as yet! We are here to guide Continue Reading →

Fix Apps Not Connecting To Internet – Windows 8 (8.1)

“Your PC isn’t connected to the Internet. To use the Store, connect to the internet and try again”. We’ve all heard of network problems when launching the internet and cruising through various websites, but encountering the error using Metro Apps is something entirely new. Nonetheless, Continue Reading →

Why Rebooting Often Helps Resolve So Many PC Problems?

Admittedly, it can get frustrating when you are asked to try a simple reboot to resolve your critical PC errors. Obviously, you would expect something much more intense from an IT expert. However, it should be understood that most times, executing this trivial step could Continue Reading →

What Laptop Should I Buy?

While it certainly demands serious attention and extra effort when saying “YES” to your lifelong partner, identifying and nodding your head to the right laptop is not too far behind. And to make matters worse, choosing from the truckload of mobile products now flooding the Continue Reading →

Create and Restore System Image Backup in Windows 8.1

The upgrade to Windows 8.1 Preview left the users shocked to notice that the all-important and the all-safe System Image Backup utility had been removed from this newest OS version. However, much to the users’ relief, it was later found out that this crucial recovery Continue Reading →

How to Use Google Like a Pro

Whether you have just recently familiarized yourself to the internet, or have been utilizing its services for over 10 years, one thing you will instantly need to befriend is Google. Primarily, Google is a web search engine that allows users to find websites on the Continue Reading →